Ageless Male Review

Ageless Male can be considered as one of the most effective male enhancement supplements that are available in the market. It has the potential to help users regain their vigor and sexual energy. In addition, it has the ability to enhance overall endurance and well-being. As a result, people who consume this supplement will be able to get a more vital and youthful feeling.

Ageless Male Ingredients

The ingredients that can be found in Ageless Male have played a major role behind its popularity. They include:

  • Astaxanthin – This is a type of carotenoid.
  • Caltrops – This is an all-natural hormone booster that has been used by people in Europe for centuries. This hormone is extremely popular among bodybuilders as well.
  • Chlorophytum Borivillianum – This is a popular aphrodisiac that has been used by people in Asia for centuries. This ingredient can also be found in most of the modern world bodybuilding supplements.
  • Saw Palmetto – This ingredient can prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which happens along with age. As a result, it can help the people to stay away from prostate enlargement.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – This ingredient prevent the breakdown of testosterone hormone by prolactin.
  • LJ100 – This ingredient can increase the amount of unbounded sexual hormones that can be found within blood. It can also be considered as a patented long jack extract. Another testosterone supplement containing Long jack is Andro400.

How can Ageless Male benefit you?

Ageless Male can help its users to experience a wide array of benefits. They include:

  • Providing a natural support to the hormone levels within body.
  • Enhancing the overall sexual health and vigor that reduces along with aging.
  • Promoting lean muscle accumulation and strength gain.
  • Enhancing a good sexual performance.

Researches done about Ageless Male

A wide range of scientific researches and clinical trials have been conducted in order to measure the effectiveness of Ageless Male.

A specific study has been conducted by using another popular male enhancement supplement named Mytosterone. Ageless Male was not used in this research.

The manufacturing company of this supplement, Triarco, funded this research. 42 healthy individuals who are in between 37 and 70 years of age were selected for the study and they were equally divided into two categories.

The first group was provided the Mytosterone supplement with a dose of 800mg and the second group was provided the same supplement with 2000mg.

After a period of two weeks, the results were observed carefully in between the two categories. Men who belong to both categories showed a significant increase of testosterone alone with a reduction in DHT. People who belong to the 2000mg category showed a significant reduction in the estrogen levels.

Another research has been conducted by taking the ingredient named Testofen into account. In fact, this is the main ingredient that can be found in the male enhancement supplement Ageless Male.

This ingredient claims to increase the testosterone levels among men in an effective manner. The studies conducted on this ingredient has shown positive results and it has effectively increased the testosterone levels.

Does Ageless Male work?

Many people who are concerned about purchasing Ageless Male wonder whether it can deliver positive results or not. Based on the studies that have been conducted about this supplement and its ingredients, it can be believed that Ageless Male can deliver positive results to the users.

It can be considered as a good product to boost the testosterone levels of males. However, this product does not include some of the most powerful testosterone boosting ingredients that you can see out there. On the other hand, Ageless Male cannot boost HGH or growth hormone levels effectively because it has a mild content of Arginine.

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What are the drawbacks associated with Ageless Male?

Ageless Male cannot be considered as the best male enhancement supplement that you can find in the market. It is associated with several drawbacks as well. They include:

  • The developers of Ageless Male have missed out some of the powerful ingredients that are being used in male enhancement supplements. The available ingredients are not in a position to beat the homeostatic system of the human body. They could have used a better variety of ingredients to deliver more effective results.
  • Ageless Male is not the cheapest male enhancement supplement as well. You can find many different male enhancement supplements that can perform better in the same price range.
  • It features a single mechanism in order to boost the testosterone levels.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia is the main ingredient that you can find in Ageless Male. This ingredient does not have the ability to deliver effective results to all age categories. However, it can deliver the best results for the people who are over 50 years of age.
  • Even though the developers of Ageless Male claim that it is made out of all-natural ingredients, you cannot find the best herbal formulation.

When it comes to reality, most of the testosterone boosting products in the market, especially the ones that are made with herbal ingredients are not in a position to deliver excellent results to the users. Two main reasons are there behind this fact.

  1. The male enhancement supplements that are made with herbal ingredients do not have the diversity or quality in the ingredients. In fact, the ingredients are not backed up by any clinical or scientific studies. Moreover, all the ingredients work in the same way. Unfortunately, an excellent diversity in the ingredients should be there in order to beat homeostasis system of the body.
  2. Several reasons are there behind the low testosterone levels among men. People differ from each other as well and their bodies recognize the ingredients in different ways. Therefore, all the testosterone boosters out there in the market cannot deliver positive results for all the people.

The hormonal system found within the human body can be considered as a complex phenomenon. Therefore, it has become a hard task for the male enhancement product developers to come up with a product that can deliver the best results for the users.

Therefore, you need to be careful when you are purchasing a male enhancement supplement or a testosterone booster from the market. It is better if you can spend money on a product that has a huge diversity in the ingredients. Then the ingredients can work in different ways and deliver positive results to all the users.

What are the recommended supplements?

We have come up with a list of some of the best testosterone and male enhancement supplements. We have paid attention towards the reputation of the company and the quality of ingredients when coming up with the list. As per our studies, we recommend the below mentioned male enhancement supplements.

  • Testofuel
  • HyperGH 14x
  • Test Rx
  • Prosolution
  • PrimeMale


Before you get too overwhelmed by purchasing the first ever testosterone enhancing supplement, it is important that you do a bit of a research to find out which of these supplements is the safest of all. Everybody knows, there are lots of testosterone supplements now that promise to improve the testosterone level in your blood, however they come with numerous side effects and are even detrimental for your health.

Choosing The Right Product

Be cautious when searching for a testosterone booster to purchase, because buying the wrong one can lead to a large increase of testosterone hormones in your blood which can result in a lot of health problems. The best option is to pick the natural supplements like Ageless Male, Rock Hard weekend or Nugenix.

These supplements are actually the safest alternative since they contain pure and natural ingredients only and don’t have any harmful chemicals that will put your health at high-risk. You can talk to a specialist for some advice on deciding on the best products to purchase. It is also smart to have yourself checked by a doctor so that the doctor could let you know about the testosterone level in your blood.

Knowing Your Testosterone Level

As previously stated, it’s important to have yourself checked by a physician before you go on looking for the best testosterone booster to buy. This is for you to be aware of the testosterone level in your blood. By comparing the amount of your testosterone with an ideal testosterone level, the physician will be able to determine if you’re fit to take this sort of supplement.

Top 10 testosterone boosters of 2016

Testosterone is a hormone found in each human body. It is found in abnormal states in men, additionally found in ladies – just in much littler sums. In men, testosterone is principally delivered in the testicles, while in ladies, it’s created in the ovaries.

Each individual has a specific level of this hormone in their body. Ordinary testosterone levels fluctuate on the basis of age, sex, weight, and various different components.

In men, age is the most noteworthy variable in testosterone levels. Testosterone levels by age shift incredibly, and it’s superbly characteristic to see your body’s regular levels of this hormone diminish with aging.

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10. PharmaFreak TEST FREAK

TEST FREAK is a good testosterone booster mix made by PharmaFreak. Containing fenugreek, tribulus, saw palmetto and that’s just the beginning, TEST FREAK underpins solid testosterone generation and can likewise bring down estrogen.

9. MusclePharm Z-Core PM

Z-Core PM is an anabolic mineral blend that gives an assortment of advantages. It builds testosterone generation, advances muscle development, and enhances rest quality and recovery – among different advantages.

8. Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

Bullnox Andorush is a multi-ingredient supplement that assumes various roles. It contains fixings to raise testosterone levels, build vitality, increase muscle tone quality, and a great deal more. It’s hard to classify Bullnox Andorush in light of the fact that it does as such much; it’s a greater amount of an overall workout supporter than it is a test sponsor.

7. Mammoth Sports Nutrition Super Test

Super Test is an effective testosterone and nitric oxide promoter made by Beast Sports Nutrition. Joining ingredients demonstrated to build T levels with amino acids and different ingredients planned to support nitric oxide levels, Super Test gives a simple holding nothing back one answer for offering you some assistance with achieving more from your workouts.

6. BPI Sports A-HD Elite

A-HD Elite is an exceedingly viable test supporter and estrogen blocker made by BPI Sports. Utilizing a novel and imaginative mix of bleeding edge ingredients, BPI Sports has fabricated a viable item that can truly support T levels, while holding estrogen creation under wraps and managed.

5. Cellucor COR-Performance ZMA

COR-Performance ZMA is an effective rest sponsor that can offer you some assistance with increasing T levels while enhancing rest quality. It’s intended to offer you some assistance with recovering better from your workouts, by offering you some assistance with entering profound rest and turn out to be more refreshed.

4. MuscleTech TEST HD

TEST HD is a moderate, basic and viable test supporter made by MuscleTech. Consolidating protected and normal ingredients, MuscleTech has added to an intense supplement that can offer you some assistance with achieving your wellness objectives while directing solid hormone generation, expanding bulk and advancing general wellbeing. It’s one of the top test supporters available – and in light of current circumstances!

3. Universal Nutrition Animal Test

Creature Test is a capable and viable hypertrophic testosterone supplement. Made by Universal Nutrition, Animal Test contains strong ingredients that can offer you some assistance with increasing testosterone, assemble more muscle, drop undesirable fat, and significantly more.

2. Prime Male Test Booster

Prime Male is a great test supporter complex. Joining numerous demonstrated fixings, including D-Aspartic acid, oysters concentrate, ginseng and a great deal more, Prime Male incorporates everything your body needs to increase testosterone creation and experience numerous advantages.

  1. TestoFuel – 2016’s Best Testosterone Booster

TestoFuel is a muscle building supplement intended to normally expand your body’s testosterone levels. Utilizing clinically demonstrated fixings like D-aspartic acid, vitamin D etc, TestoFuel is the best regular testosterone promoter out there.